Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life Imitates Art... An Ephemeral Sundial

Image: James XVI

Andre Gide (1869 - 1951)

"Look" said Ms. XVI... "a sundial". Made of ice. Functional... but flawed. Imperfect. Impermanent. An accidental discovery, captured in a moment, Sunday morning at Garvinweasel. Beauty can be found everywhere you look, it depends only on how you 'see'. 
The back-story... Hand-painted ceramic bowl: $11. Large dog kennel (with black plastic removable floor): $115. iPhone 3G: $199. Stepping outside on a freezing cold morning to find an ice 'sundial' in the dog water bowl sitting next to the  kennel with a camera  in your pocket: priceless. 


  1. Wonderful. every line. thank you. however, may the artist continue to "do".

  2. Indeed priceless! Beautiful!


  3. This photo is indeed priceless. But if you were to put a price on it....um...what might it be? It is gorgeous! What luck! We had freezing temps here in California and my husband found our dog's waterbowl frozen solid.....but we did not come up with anything this beautiful.

  4. All - thank you for these comments!

    Katie - for you, special price!

  5. Wonderful discovery! "Magic is just a matter of perspective" is something I'm fond of saying. Thanks for the reminder to look for the beauty in the everyday. All the best~lb

  6. Amazing. Love the quote you chose to go along with it.