Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I, Blogger

Self-portrait by Jean-Michel Basquiat

The lovely Borjana Eghbalian of the blog Green and Stylish has tagged me for the Kreativ Blogger award, which requires me to reveal 7 things about myself in this post and pass the award on to 7 bloggers that I admire (and secretly want to know more about) and then leave a post on their blogs to let them know. I will also proudly display the Kreativ Blogger award image. Thank you Borjana!

So, about me..

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1. As a child, I fell in love with an abandoned, octagonal house (with remnants of a wrap-around porch) seen at some distance from the road on trips to visit my grandparents. I wanted this abandoned house to be mine, to rescue it, bring it back to life, but my parents would never stop to let me go explore it. This is certainly a clue as to why I am here now, at Garvinweasel.

2. I like to write and sketch ideas and images in a Moleskin carnet with my Lamy Safari fountain pen, black ink. I have a sketch of the four acre garden plan for Garvinweasel in my current book, along with some information architecture and cloud computing diagrams with notes on predictive analytics algorithms.

3. I am incomprehensibly crazy about the nine dogs that live at Garvinweasel (Lady, Bigfoot, Daisy, Bear, Penny, Beatle, Missy, Dudley and Lucy). We have fostered twenty-five dogs over the past four years.

4. I like to read. I found a pre-publication copy of Susan Minot's first book, "Lust", in a loft I once rented on Grand Street (in New York's Soho), left there by the previous tenant, who seemed to have moved out in a hurry. I mailed the book once from Paris to girl in Seattle, along with, for some reason, a tie from Barneys NYC. She returned the book, but I can't find it now, and I sometimes miss my tie.

5. Once a month, usually on a Saturday, I drive my '67 Ford pickup to town and get my haircut in the old barbershop on the town square, across from the courthouse. Sitting in that barber chair within the tobacco smoke-stained walls, warm shaving foam around my ears and on my neck, the smell of Barbicide in the air, I feel like I have been given a Valium IV and dropped into the set of a grainy movie adaptation of a southern gothic novel.  If I was very rich, I would buy a big painting by Basquiat every March at the fair in Maastricht, and I would get a haircut and hot-shave in this barber shop every Saturday.

 Photo of Joni Mitchell by Jack Robinson 1969

6. I like to listen to the music of Hildegard Von Bingen, Miles Davis, Radiohead, Brian Eno, Joni Mitchell and Iggy Pop (from whom I have a hand-written letter, but that's another post). I usually listen on last.fm, but if no music is available, I can hum Mozart's "Requiem".

7. My personal style is basically white linen or cotton shirts, hand-made cuff-links, vintage Rolex Air-King, my French muck boots (Le Chameau), khakis or Levi's and a hint of Hermès Bel Ami.
    My blogger tags...

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    1. I love this post, loved reading these things about you. I didn't get the Kreative Blogger idea at first and now I do. I'll pass it on but first I want to read everything here on Garvinweasel! Meanwhile, thank you for the shout out to me and my blog. Bisous et Merci!

    2. Me again...and thanks for turning me on to these other great blogs. Looking forward to exploring all of them!

    3. Wow - that is extremely interesting and rather more so than the 'kittens make me happy' style of 10 things that one sometimes sees in the b-sphere.

      I love that octagonal house. I get obsessed with houses too. Wait for them to come up for auction, inspect them and then feel a little bit disappointed.

      It sounds like your life is a kind of mixture of Garrison Keilor on a more grimy day, Prince Charles eccentricity and Tom Fordish chic.

      Oh and thanks for the tag. Must confess not so keen on these things. Surely all the information which is required is in my posts? I will think about it further....

    4. Nice reading about you James! Thank you for sharing all this!


    5. Dear James,
      Congratulations to your award ! You deserve it ! And it´s nice to read a little bit more of you, how you live, what you like etc.
      Looking forward of more inspiring posts about you and the pack :-)
      And thanks for the links, I will visit the blogs you´ve mentioned soon.
      Best wishes from

    6. Bonjour James,
      Merci beaucoup and what a pleasure to know a bit more about you. I adore old souls who are suspended in time!
      Thanks again and can't wait to visit a few new blogs!
      Thank you

    7. James,

      Love learning more about you. I can't wait to check out these new blogs. I'm headed to LaGrange today to work on a client's house. I always look forward to the drive. So pretty.

      We love dogs too. Go look at the neo-Traditionalist's post today, it will make you smile. Hope you are well.

    8. Well deserved award! Loved your list. The vision of you driving your truck to the town square barbershop was absolutely wonderful. The small town where I grew up had one that sounded exactly like the one you describe. Thanks for sharing.

    9. a Handwritten letter from IGGY!!!! wow that is so cool ;) tell me all about it! Thanks for the award... when I get some inspiration I will get back to it

    10. Oh I just love this post! Such fun anecdotes. Your dogs have truly fantastic names and you certainly are a man of great style. Will be back often!!!
      XX Kate

    11. Hi, James! Thank you for the "shout out." This idea of passing along a few favorites is a good idea and I really enjoyed learning a bit more about you. You always paint such a lovely picture--I can just smell the aftershave!
      All the best ~LeAnn

    12. loveee this post... and joni does rock it doesn't she!
      have a lovely weekend...

    13. Congratultions on your award, and of course I am utterly inrigued to learn more about your Iggy Pop letter...

    14. It is so interesting to get some insight as to what makes a person unique from everyone else...and from where there passion is derived...

      I enjoyed your list!

    15. Alway a pleasure to learn more about my fave bloggers. At first glance, we have reading, dogs, architecture, Joni, and relaxing in a hair "stylist's" chair, in common! ;)