Saturday, March 5, 2011

India, she is my love song.

 All photos (c) jamesxvi

 In late February I visited India for the first time, a three-day business trip to Bangalore, and during my one day of site seeing explored the ancient Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in the town of Srirangapatna in the Indian state Karnataka. My driver waited down the street as I walked to the temple entrance, where after removing my shoes and leaving them with hundreds of other pair arranged in no particular order along the stone foundation, I was allowed to join the stream of Hindu worshipers entering the courtyard just beyond the tower seen below. 


 Courtyard view.

The building beyond the courtyard was a labyrinth of hallways, the air filled with sandal wood incense. Rooms  off these halls contained statues of Hindu Gods, each doorway manned by a robed swami. I was careful not photograph any of the worshipers, so these photos belie the fact that there were a lot of people around me, they simply were crowding the doorways and worship areas in the center of the building, leaving these stone pillared outer halls virtually empty. 

On the road, we stopped  for some fresh coconut milk.


On returning to Bangalore, the grueling traffic made the hotel seem especially welcoming after a long day. I was delighted with my stay at the Leela Palace, where I had breakfast on the the dining terrace (below) every morning.

With yoga instructor Sanjiv, 7 am, Feb 17, 2011.

 The hotel offers a 6 am yoga class in a lovely pavilion just off the pool (below). Each day I was there the yoga class had two to four pupils, and I had the pool to myself afterward for a few laps before breakfast.

Then hi-ho, hi-ho... off to work.

The moon over Bangalore, through the car window, as we drove to the airport for a 2:30 am connecting flight to Paris Charles DeGaul airport.

God bless the executive chefs at Air France... foie gras at 30,000 feet.

My hiatus from posts here is, well, complicated. I am working on the house and hope to return soon with an update and new photos of work in progress. Thanks for stopping by.

- James


  1. So awesome! I love that you had foie gras on the plane.

  2. Lucky you - I have never been to India yes it is on the list. You must read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts amazing book about India. Got to love a hotel with hardly any guests hogging the pool!

  3. James,
    How good it is to see you! Lovely post. Looking forward to seeing your house progress. I'm making progress on mine, but slowly. Painfully slow, it seems. Most days it helps to remind myself to find joy in the process and not worry about the destination. --Other days I could pull my (dust-laden) hair out!
    Hope you are well. Yoga will do that for you. Good for you. :) xo LeAnn

  4. That looks like an amazing visit. The photos from the road really caught my eye - especially the family on the motorbike. Hope all is going well with your house.

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