Monday, January 18, 2010

A Green and Stylish Thank You!

Checking my email this morning, I was surprised and delighted to find that I have been tagged, by Borjana of the wonderful 'Green and Stylish' blog, with the Kreativ Blogger award. Seeing Borjana's lovely wellies in her post, I decided to set up a quick shot of my own (Le Chameau 'Country Walkers'), with some of the Garvinweasel pack and their green and stylish winter house providing an appropriate background. If I am at home, it is most likely these boots are on my feet, and I took them off for a few minutes this morning to snap this picture (some of you may recognize the hay bales from an earlier post). Thank you Borjana... I will return with my list of personal revelations and blogger tags in the next day or two.


  1. Dear James,
    congratulations to your award, you deserve it !
    In most parts of Europe we had mountains of snow and freezing degrees the last weeks. In my village we had amost -20° C one weekend ! Now it´s getting warmer and I hope that spring will come soon. It looks warmer in your town :-)
    Greets to your pack !
    Kindest regards from

  2. You deserve this award and then some! bravo.

  3. Hi there - happy new year and congratulations. Love the hay bales. And the dogs. And the mist \ fog. And the slightly scary trees. Stay warm. ...

  4. Well deserved! Looking forward to your list.

  5. Love the wellies, love the dogs and love the photo that you´ve taken ...
    Can´t wait for your revelations!

  6. Hi James,
    I was tagged once by Patricia Gray and it was scary at first but fun in the end. Looking forward to read about your "secrets". Ciao.

  7. James,

    This is the cutest picture I have ever seen! I just love it. How in the world did you get your dogs to behave? Hope you are well. I've got a question for you I'm going to email later. Hope you have a good week.

    Congrats on being tagged, well deserved!

  8. * Can't wait to see what you write for your "tag", James!

    ANNNND, please know that as the "Mom" of a FANTABULOUS (our 4th) German Shorthaired Pointer (she & my husband are a great hunting team, too!), seeing this pic just WARMS MY HEART TO NO END!!!! Oh how I wish I had a copy of this to frame!!! It just makes me FEEEEEEL so GOOOOOOD~~~ the dogs seem so relaxed & happy!!! Just WONNNNDERFUL!!!!!

    So glad I just "found you"!!!

    Lilnda in AZ *

  9. now that is a stylish photo James!

  10. HI James, congratulations! I love the old octagonal house and get its allure! it was great learning all these things about you!

    best to you!